Friday, October 10, 2008

Food Republic - Wisma Atria

Dao Xiao Mian -Beef
(read: those noodles where the "noodle-maker" stand in front of a pot of stock holding a baby-pillow-sized dough(?) then start slicing random pieces of noodle into the pot... if that makes sense)
the noodles were chewy (in a good way). The broth were rich and sweet although a tad oily... the beef chunks were soft and super tender which seemed to have been cooked for hoursss..

Ban Mian
I prefer this broth as its a lot lighter... but this comes with the machine made noodles...

Rating: 7/10
i'd ask for the dao xiao mian with the ban mian broth next time.. although... the people manning this particular stall is the crankiest person everrrr....

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