Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Little Cupcake - Neutral Bay, Sydney

Cute little cupcake shop that's rather HARD to find, to be honest. I mean, for more experienced people or people with better sense of navigation, this place might be easy to locate, but for people like me who sucks at direction, with no GPS I'm helpless.

I was getting some cupcakes for Eat Like a Cow's 1st birthday bash.

It's actually not that far away from the city, but I kind of took the long way round the back so it took almost an hour to reach this place from the city!

The shop is really cute, and they don't just sell cupcakes, but teacups, teapots, dishes, baskets, birthday supplies and stuffs as well. Everything is all cute and pastel color-y. They even had this cute tiered cupcake holder. An ideal place to go if you're looking for very girly birthday party supply.

They also do custom-made cupcakes, whereupon you can print your company logo on cupcakes for corporate gifts. Nice.

And oh, the cupcakes are yummy.


cla said...

i have a confession to make.... u know how i pop my yello cupcake in my handbag?.... well.... i dropped by woolies to get yogurt...and cashier ask me if i need a plastic say no... throw yogurt in bag.... walk through hyde park *swings bag around..... got home.... TA DAAAA..... flat yellow mess....

Erique Fat Owl said...

I'm gonna pop your head.

Anonymous said...

As much as necessary.

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