Friday, May 2, 2008

Tonkichi - Shaw Center, Singapore

the other "we-dont-want-to-eat-38-food" escape places

Unlike the one in Ngee Ann City, this one serves a wider range of menu and always have ramen specials... but they're famous for burnt ebi fry... :(

Salad Udon
litterally cold udon with salad on top but served with a sweet-salty sauce...
i love the dish as it's pretty much guilt-free (closing one eye for the sauce) and its the only reason my mum will ever step into tonkichi
The Ramen - Katsu Don Twin Special
served with side potato salad and chawan mushi
its like the jumble sale of food...
potato salad... dont like
chawan mushi... tonkichi makes one of the best
ramen... nice... salty... me likey
katsu don... soft and mushy... ew

the free desert... why do japanese like watermelon so much?

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