Sunday, September 23, 2007

East Ocean

yum cha today.

just what i managed to snap before people started poking their chopsticks in.

lor mae kai

chilli pepper whitebait

lotus paste bun

xiao long bao

prawns and vegetable dumpling

steamed scallops

mango pudding

melon sago

sesame ball

mango crepe

service was ok until this last pms-ed auntie tried to bark at me... bad choice b*tch! haiz... next yum cha will be kam fook. (or maybe joy garden! fufuufufuu)


Erique Fat Owl said...

I think Zilver is better than East Ocean. Anyway, you don't have to bring your cantonese-speaking friend to go to Zilver (all those PMS-ed aunties can speak english over there).

Anyway, the scallop looks yummylicious.

Anonymous said...

OH my friends and i had bad experience with EAst Ocean, we had 4 people at a 6 seated table and they charged tea money for 6 people!! Also my friends have never before paid $50 for yum cha, they wont be back!!