Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pure - Pacific Place, Jakarta

Organic food.

Lunch with Cla. a certain SOMEONE should've come and joined us but that SOMEONE was too lazy to take out her jet-ski and cruise through the massive floods of Jakarta that day!

(ach, what am I doing. She wouldn't read this anyway)

Moving on...the food were all organic (read: icky). But since my stomach were probably more polluted than the Ciliwung River, I thought, oh well, may as well do some detox. LOL
The food were understandably bland, and no matter how much pungent sauce they're slapping on the food, organic beef still tastes like organic beef.
The restaurant also claims that unlike 90% of the restaurants out there, they actually took the trouble washing their vegetables thoroughly. Well, if you compare it with 90% of restaurants in INDONESIA, then yeah they're probably right. It's like, duHHH.

Iced Tea & Thai Iced Tea

-> It's official. Tamani Cafe's Thai Iced tea is the BEST in Jakarta. This one isn't even comparable. Probably because it's organic. LOL

Spicy Buffalo Wings

-> Buffalo wings, my tush. They bought a 5,000 rupiahs Indonesian skinny free-range chicken, cook it, claim that it's organic, and slapped a 60,000 rupiah price tag. Nice try.

Beef Enoki

-> Their bestseller. Well, it's not THAT bad. The taste was very marginal. Sauce was too sweet. Cute presentations, though. Kind of reminds me of Thai Airways business class menu. But less delicious. LOL

Grilled Dory

-> Was it grilled dory, Cla? I forgot. As for the's bland. 4.5 out of 10.

Moral of the story: Organic food, me no likey.

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