Thursday, June 26, 2008

Singapore Airlines SQ857 & 221 Hong Kong -> Sydney

What a fun weekend. Didn't get to shop as much as I expected in HK (time wasn't permitting), but still managed to pocket me some cool bounties after dashing back and forth Tsim Sha Tsui several times.


1. Didn't manage to go to agnes b. le pain grille (in Causeway bay). This time, I've been to the boutique 3 times, got meself some shoes, a bag, two tees and a cardigan but how could I forgot to drop by the cafe?? As a foodie, I consider this a huuge sin.

2. For the first time in history, my luggage was UNDERWEIGHT. Yup, the airport check-in desk scale read "17.8 kg". This meant that I was 7.2 kg underweight (before they have to charge me overweight fee). How could this be!! To think that I could cram a 7.2 kg extra shopping items! I should've bought those Hogan Kerouac shoes! And some more, they're on sale! Damn!

3. Didn't get that Neil Barrett vest.

4. Didn't go to MEGU (actually, couldn't get reservations in such short notice). For those unfamiliar, MEGU is the brainchild of Nishida Hiro, a restaurateur, and first opened its doors to the world in New York City. Ever since, it has spawned lots of other locations around the world, including Hong Kong. It's a modern Japanese restaurant, think Nobu, but more hip (and just as expensive).

5. Now for the geek stuff. I went to toymart, some little otaku shops along Nathan Rd, but didn't manage to go to Sino Centre! Ooh, think of those toys, figurines and limited ed CDs waiting for me to be bought! I'm so sorry, my babies....but I'll be back...soon.

Anyway, time for some lamentable cattle-class food:

Hong Kong (Hong Kong Int'l) -> Singapore (Changi Int'l)
Flight duration: 4 hrs

Baked vegetable fritata, chicken sausage, mushrooms and potatoes with herbs

Singapore (Changi Int'l) -> Sydney (Kingsford Smith Int'l)
Flight duration: 7 hr 30 mins

Chinese-style braised chicken and mushrooms with rice, seasonal vegetables

Comments on the food:
You've got to give Singapore Airlines a lot of credit. In my opinion, it's one of the very, very few airlines that serve edible, okay food in cattle class (whoops, I mean, packed-like-a-sardine class. Whoops, I mean economy class. but hey, at least they still call it just 'economy class', unlike Philippine Airlines that tries to call their economy class 'fiesta class' just purrty it up a bit and to make passengers feel better and to reduce the stressful image of sitting on economy class packed like a bunch of sardines on a tin! offense to our Filipino friends and brothers...).

What I notice about SIA is that their food seems quite fresh in the sense that it's very recently cooked before served on-board. Some airlines, I kid you not, serve 1-day-old reheated food. That's pretty risky.
And it's good that SIA still offer full meal even on short flights (most EU-based airlines have stopped serving full meals on domestic and short haul flights). And oh, one more thing - open bar. Huzzah!

One disappointing thing about SIA is that unlike Cathay Pacific, they don't serve premium ice creams on cattle class. (CX serves Haagen-Dazs). But I did get a Fauchon on my recent SIA trip to Tokyo.

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