Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flavour of Brazil - Leichhardt, Sydney

Ahh...Brazil. A land with the smallest percentage of non-good looking people.
I strongly believe that even ugly Brazilians are pretty / handsome in world standards. Amazing.

Anyway, this restaurant is tucked within the Italian Forum in Norton St. I was so excited that they played the Ivete Sangalo concert DVD when I went there!

Chouriço Platter

-> It's very good. Akin to Italian Chorizo in some way, but this one is rather tangy and spicy. Goes very well with the spanish onion salad. Very mouthwatering.


Thomas said...

Hmmm, unfortunately, I see a large number of non-good looking ppl here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Nah~ just joking...only some)
Anyway, that chorizo looks delicious, but it's very rare to see chorizo & salad in the same plate. It normally comes with rice and farofa.

Kurama-chan said...

Lol, thanks about the good looking part.

The funny thing is that i'm brazilian and I have never eaten this.

But I can say brazilians love eating rice, beans and beef. XD

Elliott Broidy said...

Very nice.