Monday, October 27, 2008

Mad Mex - Darlinghurst, Sydney


I don't know why I said that.

Anyhoo, grabbed a little Mexican for quick lunch today. If there are American readers out there, do pardon me for posting this entry, for you see, Mexican food is not a common sight in Sydney. I'm sure you're bored with Mexican / Tex-Mex food, as I'm sure that I'll be bored when you blog about eating Turkish Kebabs (very common in Sydney). LOL

This small cantina is actually not Tex-Mex, it's more like Cal-Mex food (the owners are from Baja California). This affects the overall taste and 'spectrum' of the food, as I understand it. Indeed, it's quite unlike the usual Mexican food I consume (which are usually Tex-Mex). I notice that Baja California cuisine use a lot of black beans and they cook their beef in a different way - although most of the yummy staples are there (guacamole, salsa, etc).

The place is really eccentric - just look at the Corona bottle 'chandelier' and the luchador wall mural. Muy Mexicano! They also use chairs that are made of recycled street signs. In fact, their restaurant is so professionally designed, it kind of looks like they're a part of a big restaurant chain, but as far as I know, this darlinghurst outlet is currently their only one.

Barbacoa Quesadilla with Salsa Tomatillo

-> Yum yum. Tender beef with black bean and guac. Highly addictive.

Rating: 8/10

BTW, I can't wait to someday re-visit lovely Mexico. I've only been as far as Tijuana in the past, and I resolve to visit Chichen Itza before I turn 30!
(moo moo!! let's go!! you drive!!)

Anyway, for now, Adios, charolastras!


Leony said...

Hi Rik... yes, I realized that Mexican restaurant is not that common in the land of Australia. Last time I had my 25 dollar burrito in Perth, and still I prefer my 5.95 dollar burrito in Madison... Hmmm just wondering if Mexican food can do great in Jakarta... or...should we open a Mexican Cantina in Australia that served more authentic Mexican food?

cla said...

$25 buritto in perth??

there was this mexican place in vic park that feels like a bandit hut... huahahha... you can even carve your name on the table... cant recall names... but i thought their food was pretty good... although... dont ever ask for hot... your tongue would literally caught fire... (yes, budak... worst than nyok-nyang's lombok)

btw... love the corona chandelier... i've stared in millions of times when i walked past on the way to the "best cookie in the world"....

Leony said...

Yes Cla, it's in the restaurant called Santa Fe.... forgot the exact location, but it was at the same street as Regal Theater (is that Subiaco area?) The taste wasn't even that great...

Hmmm... I stayed in Vic Park area.. But I guess I didn't try the place that you mentioned... will go there next time :D probably next yr haha. Will ask u again about the place.

Erique Fat Owl said...

Goodnes, burritos that expensive must've tasted BAD, non. LOL.

I dunno...I always view burritos as somewhat of a street food. It's like Pad Thai, you know...if you're looking for a good pad thai in Bangkok, you don't go to Siam Paragon, you go to some vendor in Soi Cowboy.

Actually, there are quite a number of good Mexican restaurants in Sydney. Glebe alone has 2 good ones. They're pretty authentic. I'll review them some other time.

I think mexican food can do well in Jakarta. As you know, we've got some pretty popular mexican joints in Jakarta (Chili's, Amigos, etc), but they're really Tex-Mex. REAL authentic mexican food might be quite unfamiliar to Indonesian tastebuds, though.