Monday, December 3, 2007

Brek Ristorante - Changi Airport T2, Singapore

3-hour Transit, Singapore Changi Airport.
Still feeling a bit peckish after all the airplane food.

Butter croissant

Rating: 5/10
Verdict: Despite the appetizing name, this one's a tad dry. Maybe they heated it up too much.

Fruit torta & San Benedetto Mineral water

Rating: 5.5/10 (the cake)
Verdict: The fruit is fresh and sweet, but the pastry is really rough and it crumbles too much. I had a hard time swallowing this one.

7.5/10 (the water)
Verdict: The water is fine, as my nose and tongue is not as fine-tuned enough as my dad's to distinguish between Evian and San Pel on a blind test. However, the temperature is not cold enough, which bothers me just a bit. I think that it's important for restaurants to chill the drinks at 7 - 10 degrees celcius, the perfect temperature to serve chilled water.

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