Sunday, December 2, 2007

Palace - Sydney

Last Sydney yum-cha before my holidays!

Today's specialty: deep-fried shrimp and crab, wrapped in fu juk

Fried gow gee

Shrimp har gau

Vegetarian siu maai

Vegetarian cheong fan
Shrimp cheong fan

Fried shrimp bread

Fried bread

Lo bak go (fried turnip cake)

Deep-fried squid with chilli, salt & pepper
Daan tat (egg tarts)

Steamed paai gwat (pork spare ribs)

Fu juk geen (steamed beancurd skin roll)

Fung jau (braised chicken feet)
Erique : Hey! look! it's like, the chicken is giving me the finger!
Yik-Chun : Don't play with your food!

Tummy filler #1: fried noodles

Tummy filler #2: yue peen juk (fish congee)


Tau fa (soya beancurd dessert)

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