Friday, June 6, 2008

Sushi on Stanley - Darlinghurst, NSW

that sushi place behind me place..

the place is always packed with working crowd (apparently the nicely dressed ones, clearly in creative line... unlike the city working crowd) during lunch hour with massive line waiting for takeaway (clear sign of how good the food is... seeing theres about two other sushi place on the stretch of the street without a queue) and i'll be joining the queue more often now that bread is no longer in my recommended diet...

it looked so dead in the picture... haha

Chicken Katsu and Avocado Roll
sushi disintegrates once i picked it up but the rice is nicely cooked although chicken katsu is a lil bland... i want plum sauce!!! :P

Chicken Teriyaki and Cucumber Roll
the one i always have cravings for... so moist, full of sauce and flavour...
warning: very messy to eat...

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Look so delicious