Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Seicento - Takashimaya Times Square Shinjuku, Tokyo

This was one of the restaurants at Takashimaya Times Square's resutoran-gai ('restaurant street') in Shinjuku. Well, naturally, I chose the one with the longest queue. It was a 30-minute wait. I was so hungry I could eat at Min Young To (*).

Mozzarella and Aubergine Meat Sauce Doria

-> Delightful. I just love doria. (Cla, remember we used to buy lots of microwavable Japanese doria in SG?)

Fresh Herbs and Soft Egg Carbonara

-> The soft egg yolk bursted when poked, covering the pasta. Just like heaven.

Melon Soda

(*) Min Young To: a Korean restaurant in Sydney, which in my opinion, is the worst restaurant in Sydney, if not the WORLD. Some Indonesian friends of mine recommended it, saying, "you have to try it, it's really nice!". After being appalled by its marvelously un-tasty food, I went to my friend saying, "you got me. you really got me. next time, don't prank me like that, okay?" assuming that he pranked me into trying that horrible restaurant. To my horror, he said "what prank?". Turned out that he REALLY loved that restaurant. Which bewildered me, since not even ONE dish I ordered was good. Even the water smells funny! really! I dined there with 3 other friends of mixed nationality (1 of them Korean), and they can vouch that the food was horrible!

When I asked, "how did you know that restaurant anyway?"
he said, "a friend recommended it to me".
And I said, "...and where does your friend come from?"
he said, "Indonesia".

Moral of the story: When it comes to food, my taste is completely different from other Indonesians.

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