Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cafe Sydney - Customs House, Circular Quay, NSW

sparkling - NZ


Level Five Martini

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Audrey would be happy. A beautiful and stunning mix of Grey Goose Orange, Limoncello, lemon juice, Massenez Creme de Fraise and fresh strawberry over ice.
easily one of the best cocktail i've had so far...

A taste of asia. Muddled pear, go shu sake, zubrowka bison vodka, bohemian absinthe, poire william, zen green tea liquor and apple juice

Lightly cured lemon and herb crusted kingfish with avocado, beetroot, ruby grapefruit, pomegranate and raspberry vinaigrettes
a lil weird

Moreton bay bugs with asparagus, capers, avocado, watercress, tomato vinaigrette and avruga caviar

Grilled beef tenderloin, pressed beef cheek, mushroom, thyme and jus
been dying for steak and this was good... although... must say, pressed beef cheek taste like 'semur' hahaha... too weird and salty...

Lamb Shanks
this was on the special

Barramundi with baby vegetables, seared scallop, prawn and ver juice butter sauce

Dessert Platter
bitter chocolate ganache tart with honeycomb iced parfait, strawberry and vanilla trifle with moscato and meringue stick, rhubard bread and butter pudding with vanilla custard creme fraiche and rhubard swirl ice cream, vanilla pear and ginger cheesecake with brandy snap


Floren. said...

you all have an impressive blog!!!

Erique Fat Owl said...

Thank you!

We've been getting more readers recently, it's exciting!

And also, I found out that when you Google a certain restaurant that we've reviewed on our blog, a link to our blog comes up within the first 2 pages of the google search results! Man, that's impressive! (and scary)!

Florennn said...

yes that's absolutely right!
i'm about to search some place that sell cupcakes and the result is ur guys amazing blog. hahaa :D
keep up the gut work!!! :)