Friday, May 18, 2007

Chinatown - Sydney

Now here's a chance for me to introduce normal, everyday food that we, Asian Sydneysiders, usually consume at regular basis. Be it for lunch breaks, non-specific occassions, casual dining out, or when you're just plain broke (therefore can't afford restaurants), there's always a plethora of food-court food options as well as small, Asian-infested Hong Konger-run cafes. These places serve scrumptious and reasonable food, but if you belong to a 'certain' clique, you wouldn't want your friends to see you eating at these places.

1. Asakaze (Market City)

Tamago Ramen
Simple ramen with boiled eggs. The eggs are kind of like tea eggs, which makes it so yummy. The soup is tonkotsu (pork bone)-type soup.

2. Happy Chef (Market City)

Pork Tripe with Wonton He-fen soup
One of my favorites. There's various cuts of pork tripes in this noodle soup, including intestines (zhu zhang), Blood cubes, and my second favorite cut, the stomach (zhu du). Sadly, they don't include my favorite tripe cut, the kidney (zhu yao). The last time I ate zhu yao is at MK suki at Mahboonkrong, where I ate like, 3 plates of zhu yao all by myself (MK suki is cheap as chips!)
Anyway, this noodle soup is kind of like Pig's organ soup in Singapore (Somewhat, I don't like that name), but more satisfying because it is 'Ang-moh' / 'Gwai-lou' sized and it has loads of wontons in it, which are pretty satisfying.

3. Y2K Cafe (Sussex St)

Sweet Innocence
Fruit salad (starfruit, apples, rock melon, oranges, kiwifruit) with coconut sherbert

Banana Split
Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate sherbert with banana slices and chocolate syrup

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