Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sun with Moon - Wheelock Place

early & light dinner last night...
was waiting for sa for two hours in Borders (where i stalked a girl wearing collier de chien belt *drool* and read the super potato book cover to cover) and got hungry but not really...

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Red Breeze (watermelon and mint) and Vitamin Tea (tasted like acerola)

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Sa had Salmon Sashimi

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Me had Chirashi Kodon
tiny, but everything was real fresh and the prawn was notably sweet...

Rating: 9/10

note: what's "kodon" ????


Erique Fat Owl said...


Most likely means "Small don"

(ko = small, little)

"don" means like, bowl food, of course.

BTW, what's super potato, cla?

monica said...

maybe it's a short for "kodomo's donburi" ? since it's a small portion ?

Erique Fat Owl said...


No, the "ko" in "kodomo" you're talking about corresponds to the character for "child"

Whereas the "ko" in "kodon" would most likely correspond to the character for "small".

I'm quite sure it's "small don", not "children's don", even though "children's don" kind of imply that it's a small don...LOL

"小丼", not "子丼".

cla said...

super potato is that tokyo design firm... anyway.. lots of "old-man bar" in the book...

Anonymous said...

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