Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Din Tai Fung - Senayan, Jakarta

Xiao Cai
(Cold vegetable appetizer of Tofu, mushrooms, and loads of other unidentifiable ingredients. Whatever, it's delicious. And oh - dressed in vinegar.)

Prawn covered with salted duck egg yolks
-> I've never tasted anything like it. Absolutely delicious, but frighteningly fattening.

Chicken Xiao Long Bao
-> The piece de resistance. IMHO Still the best Xiao Long Bao (dumplings)ever. However, I think the pork xiao long bao is better, but since this is Indonesia we're talking about, it's all Halal food. And YES, I do eat the Xiao Long Bao according to the instructions on the menu (place it on the spoon, tear the skin open with chopsticks, sip the soup inside, dunk it in sauce, and eat with the garlic shavings)!

Shrimp and Chicken Siew Mai

The Take-away bag.

Take-away Sour Cabbage with Shredded Chicken

Take-away Xiao Long Bao

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