Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ice Cube - Darling Harbour, Sydney

Happy birthday to mee....

Atlantic Salmon

Crispy skin chicken breast, grilled polenta, tomato & olive ragout

Dory Fillet

Braised lamb shank, celeriac puree, glazed carrots

Tuna Steak

Roast duck breast, pancetta, braised cabbage, bean casoulet

Barramundi Fillet

Giant king prawns

2005 Tamar Ridge Riseling

Apple and blueberry crumble with vanilla bean ice cream

Crunchy chocolate brulee with peppermint ice cream

Date and pecan pudding with butterscotch sauce and double cream

Orange and semolina cake with mixed berry and yoghurt sauce

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ive been her about 5 times, only because its right next to IMAX and the food is good but its obviously pricey because its i DArling harbour!!