Friday, April 4, 2008

Singapore Airlines SQ221 Singapore -> Sydney

Singapore (Changi Int'l) -> Sydney (Kingsford Smith Int'l)
Flight duration: 7 hr 30 mins

Huzzah! Spring is all a-blossom onboard Singapore Airlines with their special edition Chinese New Year menu on their Airbus A380 flights to Sydney. The menu is filled with lucky food items, and it's so uniquely kiasu-Singaporean to be auspicious even onboard the plane.

Fa cai yu sheng

To be honest, the plate was kind of too small to toss the yusheng to the air, but I did it anyway - while slightly wispering stuff like "big money! big bonus!" and "big luck! Ping on!! Fat choi, arr!!". It was simply my very first airplane lo hei (a difficult one, too, I might say, since they didn't provide chopsticks!!). Luckily, no-one sat beside me, because otherwise, it would be embarrassing! But surprisingly, I wasn't the only one doing this!!!!!

Prosperity Chicken Rice

-> Apparently, xiang-gu (Chinese black fragrant mushrooms) is one of the food that must be eaten during Chinese New Year celebration in Singapore. I wonder what's so auspicious about xiang-gu. Indonesians eat them all the time, be it new year or not.

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