Thursday, April 19, 2007


nagoya set

conversation with the ama ama:
"how is it misss??? nice???"
"the pork smell"
"its the speciality!!!"

ps. its not tonjiru! its miso + chicken... whatever that's called...


moo moo said...

Seafood Mix Fry is the besttt!!!!! Kalo budak pasti makan Tonkatsu! Teman makan teman. Gyahahhaha!

Sapi, kok gak pesan Chawanmushi dan Tamago??? Kyaaaaaa!! Chawanmushi-nya kan enaakkk..... Gak ada saya sih... Ckckckck....

moo moo said...

Oh yah... btw, the Tonkichi in Taka is always served by the ama ama who always mumbled their words. Sapi, now that you've taken a Japanese course, perhaps you can teach the ama amas to pronounce the greetings correctly. The Tonkichi in Lido is always this somekind of weird guy who was always wandering around us. The place is almost always empty.
Oh... and the food is always slightly burnt (the one in Lido)!!!

Oh, one more place! There's one Tonkichi in Suntec City (does it still exist??) The only thing I remember about that is the wrapped wet towel. Gyahahaha! Budak actually videotaped it!! Showing how the towel "glittered" under the light!

p.s: Perhaps I should let it be known that Budak is a.k.a FatOwl!!! Wahahahahaha!!!

cla said...

yesh yesh... ama ama loved us... hauhahahha

and that guy in lido is as creepy as a waiter gets...

surprisingly, tonkichi in suntec even without us still survive... :P

Fat Owl said...

I went to tonkichi suntec a few months ago...looks like it's been refurbished...keren!

hauahuhauhauuahuahuhauh the amah2 is sooooooo gak penting bgtttt
"the pork smells"
"yes, it's the SPECIALTY"
ahuahuahuahuhuahuhauhauhauhuah can die laughing one!!