Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dock's - SoHo, Hong Kong

(Mine) Chicken Steak Lorri-Beth, with American Cheese, served with Potatoes and Sour Cream

-> Heavenly. Calorie-packed, fattening, and totally sinful. What a bliss.

(Gary's) Grilled Angus Beef with Bacon and Three Cheeses

-> Even more sinful, I guess. You know, the idea of mixing three cheeses really sounds exciting, but I wonder if you can tell what cheeses are in the mixture since the three different cheeses combined results in a taste of, well, cheese.
I don't see any point in melting three cheeses together.

A quick lunch with Gary before proceeding to The Landmark for some serious shopping.
I love burgers. It doesn't have to be wagyu burger or something (honestly, when it comes to hacked, pulverized meat, it doesn't really matter the quality of the meat. Or maybe it's just me). Anyway, it is impressive how everything is imported in this restaurant - from the Angus beef right to the tiniest gherkins.

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