Friday, April 4, 2008

Cupcakes by Chocalot - eX, Jakarta

Cupcakes. Mmm. Who doesn't like cupcakes. Let's eat cupcakes, they say. Cupcakes. Cakes on tiny cups. Naughtier than muffins, less sinful than glazed donuts.

Cupcakes by Chocalot is one of the new additions to Jakarta's sugar-addicted society. I believe there's no other shops in Jakarta that sells cupcakes exclusively. In Jakarta, cupcakes are not as common as muffins, petit fours or even macaroons, well, in fact, it's quite a task to find American-style cupcakes in Jakarta. Most cupcakes are sold in some bakeries in Jakarta, but even so, it's never that popular. I wonder why.

In recent years, a lot of people started to sell cupcakes in Jakarta. It's usually home made cupcakes and they only sell those to their friends. This small but growing cupcake culture is primarily brought by those people who lived / studied in places such as the U.S. or Canada, where cupcakes are considerably more common and popular. I've also came across some cupcakes in Jakarta from my mom's expatriate friends.

Chocalot first opened its doors as a chocolate specialty cafe at Mahakam street in Jakarta, and then followed by an outlet in Senayan City's Urban Kitchen. It started off as small home business that advertise via words of mouth. Around last year, they launched 'Cupcakes by Chocalot' and quickly gained a small amount of fans. Despite now that they've opened a couple of outlets in Jakarta (one of them is in eX), it is still basically a small business with small group of fans. They have about 10 types of specialty cupcakes on their repertoire, each tastefully decorated and look just like the ones sold in the U.S. The price is not exactly cheap by Indonesian standards, but the portion is generous enough to compensate that.

Raspberry Cupcake

I really love the packaging. They've got boxes to fit single, double and I think 4 cupcakes. Their cupcakes are mighty tasty, they seemed to use natural ingredients. Their outlet is also tastefully decorated, which appeals to many female customers. From what I see, they are not exactly selling like hotcakes, (and certainly nowhere nearly as much as those ubiquitous donuts), but I hope that their business will pick up soon because I just love their cute cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

mighty tasty? u've gotta be kidding! well it wasn't awful but it wasn't mighty tasty.. For a price of IDR 16.000 each.. it was expensive and the taste was just okay.

Anonymous said...

"the taste was just okay." couldn't agree more with you. Its taste is just so so.

Erique Fat Owl said...

Well, judging from the one cupcake I bought, I thought they're nice. I noticed that they used natural ingredients (the raspberry cupcake actually tasted like real raspberry - sour, I mean - unlike many bakeries in Indonesia that uses essences and artificial flavors). To be fair, I haven't tasted all of them, though. Judging from the materials they use, I'd say that 16,000 IDR is not an awfully expensive price.

Anonymous said...

ey, try the new green tea cupcake n i think its cheap huh

fhen said...

i love cupcakes from chocalot and i've tasted quite a lot of different taste!


Anonymous said...

well, it tastes just....So.

Anonymous said...

well, chocalots cupcakes are so-so, but i do love their icing and cute little stores. a friend gave me a box of cupcakes last week from this place called nuria's kitchen, they're so GOOD! one of the best i've tasted so far. But I dont think they have stores like chocalot.