Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sate Ayam Panglima Polim - Jakarta

So far, the best Indonesian-style chicken satay I've ever tasted, period. As you can see, I'm eating this satay INSIDE my car. Why? because Sate Jalan Panglima Polim is not a restaurant, it's basically just a cluster of satay peddlars near a park with lots of parking space. This spot is very popular in Jakarta - the tastiness of the chicken satay is IMHO unrivalled. Very popular among: Out-of-towners, yuppies, rich businessmen in their new S-classes, and upscale college students. However, this place is not very popular among the middle-lower-class as they believe that this place overcharges. I don't care. It's still cheap anyways.

And oh - for those of you who watch Will & Grace, you would know that there's this taco place in NY where all the socialites secretly gather to pig out on some junk food - this place is the exact Jakarta's equivalent to that. There are loads of tai-tais who park their Jaguars here on Friday nights to annonymously pig out on some chicken skin satays. Well, annonymous - so long as no-one recognizes their number plate. I've personally spotted some tai-tais (some are friends of my mom's) whose number plate I recognize, as well as some sunglasses-wearing celebrities.

Hermes-swinging by day, satay-grubbing by night. That's real tai-tai style!

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