Saturday, August 4, 2007


Saturday Brunch.
twice in a week but different menu.

Lemon Lime Bitters

Ricotta Hotcakes with Banana and Maple Syrups
-hm... better than the one in marmalade pantry (heehee) but i did get sick after the second piece... weirdly shaped though.. may i suggest mickey head next time??

Scrambled Eggs and Sourdough Bread served with Salmon

dropped by Goods Organics to try the infamous cookie...
me like... <3


Erique Fat Owl said...

Katanya sibukkk...diajaknin makan gak mauu...uuuuu!! liar liar pants on fire!!

cla said...

told you i was going to market right ?? plus bills is just steps from my house.... bahahhaha...