Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Seaside Snacks - Tokyo DisneySea

There are so many delicious snacks sold in Tokyo DisneySea, but I opt for what my guidebook stated as "the all-time best selling snack of Tokyo Disney Resort", the Ukiwah-man.


-> So this is the famous Ukiwah-man. Ukiwah (ukiwa) means float, and man is short for mantou, which is basically a Chinese steamed bun. So, this snack is a float-shaped Chinese steamed bun stuffed with prawn on the inside. It is incredibly delicious, steaming hot, and so pretty to look at. This snack is so popular, Tokyo DisneySea even made a keychain souvenir shaped like the Ukiwah-man and its Donald Duck wrapping. But why settle for a tiny keychain? To remind myself of this beautiful memory of eating the yummy treat, I bought a large 30 cm diameter stuffed toy shaped like an ukiwa with tiny Donald Duck relaxing in the middle.


Anonymous said...

That one is so amazing - I could go to Disney Sea just for that - It is soooooooo yummy. I even have a plastic model as a mobile hanger...

Anonymous said...

is the guide book you used available anywhere? thanks! =D