Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sakura - Sydney

Nice place to grab a quick bite, too bad the place is really itsy bitsy teenie weenie. It's located just next to Cupcakes on Pitt. Great chance to grab some cupcakes afterwards *kill two birds with one stone*.

Sakura Fish & Chips

-> An interesting take on an otherwise boring and over-consumed local fare. It's actually deep-fried whiting fillet with renkon (lotus root) chips, topped with a mayonnaise-based sauce (mixed with what tastes like mirin or something sweet and soy sauce). Kind of original, I'm sure - but the dish left me somewhat confused. The batter is somewhat reminiscent of tempura batter, but instead of crispy and light, this one is rather soft and light. It's not bad, but I kind of expected the batter to be crispy. The sauce is rather delightful, though - thank goodness they don't use some kind of tartar sauce because it's just plain boring.

Rating: 6.5/10

-> The renkon chips. It doesn't really work for me. It's pretty, yes, but as we all know, lotus root does not have a strong flavor nor aroma. So, when it's deep-fried until crispy, it just taste like a bland potato chip. Nevertheless, still better than boring ol' potato.

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5ft0 said...

I've gone in there a few times and I like their spicy sashimi salad. It's got more of a Korean influence to it though - but I love it nevertheless.

However, I was disappointed with their soft shell crab roll. I expected to have more punch, but it tasted mediocre at the end.