Monday, December 3, 2007

Sushi Tei - Senayan City, Jakarta

Still the best sushi in Jakarta in its class. Being a hygiene freak, it's also one of the few sushi restaurants in Jakarta that I would consider dining in. Jakarta has many, many sushi restaurants, but I would only recommend 20% of them because most of the restaurants are not so popular, and as a result, the neta (ingredients) served have questionable degree of freshness. Un-fresh neta can be extremely hazardous, especially since most of them are served raw. Hello, Salmonella! (this is Jakarta, not Tokyo. One has to be careful and cautious).

Sushi Tei is a pretty much safe bet, since they're always packed with customers 'till closing time, and therefore, the ingredients are always very fresh. (no yesterday leftovers, I'm sure).

(Left to right column, up to down)
Ebi, tamago, ika, inarizushi, maguro
Unagi, tako, tai, sake, kanikama
chicken, ikura, hotate

Katsu curry

...and the piece de resistance, Sushi Tei's famous Dragon Sushi.

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