Monday, May 14, 2007

Pekanbaru, Riau

All from my recent visit home recently. Only manages to take so much because one i dont think before i eat, two people do look at me funny when i whip out my phone and try to snap a picture and three i only went back for less than three days...

one. Kim Teng Kopitiam
Apparently "the place to see and be seen" for anyone who matters in the city... huahahhaa. I did went for three days straight. Ordered more than those pictured (well, of course) but only manages to take so much cause i slurp up all that was put in front of me before i could pause and think. The place like any other kopitiam is filled with smokes but i did have a purpose there! Expect to pay double or triple what you usually pay somewhere else (look out for familiar faces as people tend to pay for each other in this place :P).
Random facts: they have a 42" plasma and lcd!

Aloe Vera

Yam Bread with Kaya
Yam bread came fresh from Bread Talk!

Iced White Coffee a.k.a. Kopi Susu Es
As they said "better than Starbucks". hahhahahhahhaa

Iced Tea a.k.a Teh Es Manis & Roti Mega
Bread is homemade since... forever. This is the only place that i know of where you can get Meadow Lea for your toast instead of normal butter. (Yes, the name came form that bank in indo but that was another story and the communicator in the background seems to be the most covetable item in that place)

two. random takeaways
Lontong Sayur
This is what's knocking on my door in the morning! yippeeee!!!
i dig out the yolk cause i hate hard boiled yolk.

three. Golden Thai (take away)
Fried Fish Bali Style
yep.. you can get bali style fish in thai restaurant~ strange but true. The best part is the toppings made with pomelo (thus, bali... cause pomelo is called "bali orange" in Indonesian), cabe rawit a.k.a. chili paddi, and onions. (note: there is a whole fish under that pile of crispy stuff and i finished it all :P)

four. Cerenti Coffeeshop
Hainan Chicken Rice

Grilled Snapper


Fat Owl said...

Yummm....Pekanbaru food...
Something that I'm curious about, but probably won't have a chance to taste. ever. unless I marry a Pekanbarese.

These bits are funny:
1. The fact that there's a place in PKU that looks commonplace and innocent (Kim Teng Kopitiam) but actually serves as an unofficial / secret melting pot for the creme de la creme of Pekanbaru (kinda reminds me of that taco place secretly frequented by New York socialites in Will&Grace, including Ms. 'Anastasia Beaverhausen')

2. 'Golden Thai' restaurant serves 'Balinese fish' instead of just 'Pla kaphong neung manao' (a common Thai fried fish)

3. Clarissa, often dubbed the "Veronica Lodge of Pekanbaru" has actually eaten a Lontong Sayur, a "makanan rakyat".

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadrian said...

ROfl the last plate looks like fish and chipssss

salaper said...

two people do look at me funny when i whip out my phone and try to snap a picture --> cmn 2 org ... at least bkn satu restoran yg liat kan... huahauahuaa....

Kim Teng Kopitiam
Cmn pernah sekali ke sini... itu juga dah beberapa taon yg lalu...

Cerenti di manaaaaaaaaaaa???? Gak pernah dengerr????

cla said...


1. baca yg benerrr.. bukan 2 orang liatin gua... tapi point number 2, ornag liatin gua... get it??

2. kim teng.... musti makan pangsit (pesen setengah aja.... biar bisa pesen yg lain lainnya lagi.. huahaha), roti mega, mie sapi lada hitam, telor setengah matang, kopi susu es! yah yah yah...

3. cerenti? gak tauuu?????? saya bunuh kamu!!! huahahhahahhaa

salaper said...

U noe meeee.... suka baca cepet2.... jadi salah tanggap deh. Hihihihi....

Ntar lah cla... kita ke kim teng bareng... hopefully lu gak bosen ke sana :D

Cerenti ???????? Mana siiiiii

cla said...

you and me in Kimteng???? bisa bisa masuk riau pos kita besok nya... huahahahhaa

cerenti??? cari sendiriiii..... wekkkkkk :P

Anonymous said...

lo org b3 dari pku ya?
seru bgt blog nya
gua cinta bgt ama kimteng

Erique Fat Owl said...

Mr. Anonymous,

Nope, not all of us are from PKU (in fact, only 1 of us is from PKU).
Thanks for reading!

Makin penasaran gw sama Kim Teng nih...kayaknya tuh tempat 'special' banget yah?? Secret society hang-out spot, is it? Sampe bisa masuk koran segala? Hiihihi