Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Spaghetti House - Plaza Senayan, Jakarta

Had dinner at The Spaghetti House with my brother and cousin Mirna after a whole tiring day of attending the International Motor Show in Jakarta Convention Centre. The nearest place for 3 hungry kids to eat: Plaza Senayan. And The Spaghetti house is the closest restaurant to the parking exit. Go figure.

Garlic Bread
-> It's funny, but I don't eat a lot of garlic breads these days. Maybe it's because I think that garlic breads are so '70s (ergo un-trendy), or because it's just some obnoxious pieces of foodstuff that fills up the tummy before I even get to the main dishes. Anyway, when I go to Italian restaurants nowadays, whenever I was asked "would you like some garlic breads to start / go with that?" I always say "No, thanks". Or, I'll say "I'll skip the garlic bread, bruschetta, or breadsticks, or whatever you serve" beforehand. I don't know why I had garlic breads this time. (Maybe it's the extreme hunger).

Italian-style Chicken Wings
-> I don't normally say bad things about food I post on this blog (because it contradicts the very purpose of this blog), but can I just say that serving overcooked, measly bird wings with a tomato-oregano based sauce on the side doesn't make it Italian.

Nasi Goreng
-> Why would we order Nasi Goreng in an Italian restaurant is beyond me.

Home-made Lasagna
-> Ahh...finally...something Italian. I love how they add Ricotta cheese bits as well as the Mozarella.

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Yudha said...

Sayang udah tutup yah, tapi ada Bakerzin sebagai penggantinya ini:D