Monday, October 13, 2008

Sydney Night Noodle Markets 2008

Day one of the week-long annual night noodle markets organized by The Sydney Morning Herald. Showcasing some of Sydney's most interesting eateries, all condensed in a bustling festival on Hyde Park packed with diners who seek good food and relaxing alfresco environment. Ah, how delightful!

They've got lots of entertainment as well. Lion dance is one of them (I'm terribly sick of lion dances - which is IMHO the most exploited, overused, and ubiquitous of Chinese cultural performance. It seems that lion dance is the answer for everything. Lunar new year? Lion dance. Mid-autumn festival? Lion dance. Opening of a Wing Chun training hall? Lion dance. Some Chinese guy won the lottery? Lion dance. I'm sick of lion dances). Anyhoo, the atmosphere is perfect. The twinkly-twonkly Asian new-age-slash-chillout-slash-ethnic music from the sound system really sets an exotic mood. They even screen episodes of 1970's Japanese series "Monkey" (Saiyuuki) on a large screen. It's like every Asian pop culture and not-so-pop culture stereotypes packed into one. It's wonderfully kitschy.

What to eat, what to eat, That's always the question. Although this festival is called 'noodle markets', they've got much more than noodles - from Japanese okonomiyaki to Dutch poffertjes. There are familiar stalls such as Wagamama, East Ocean, and Zilver, but also some that I haven't heard of like the Singapore Guo Tiao King, which boasted a massive queue longer than the great wall of China.

Eventually, my choice went to Yai Surry Hills - because they've got coconut drink! Couldn't bother to wait for the Singapore Guo Tiao King - I'll try it some other time.

Pad Thai (from Yai Surry Hills)

-> Just so-so. Kind of dissapointed, because they pre-cooked the pad thai (instead of making 'em to order). It's light and simple though, which is kind of nice.

Rating: 6/10

Coconut Drink

-> As refreshing as a gentle breeze in the beaches of Phuket. Naturally sweet and mouthwatering.

Rating: 10/10 (can't argue with mother nature)


Leony said...

Hehe..finally, a 10 out of 10 for mother nature's creation... not that many that you gave that score (still remember Maxim White Lotus Mooncake with Double Yolk :)). How are you doin ??

Lucy said...

I also went to Night Noodle Market that day. I tried the spicy beef Japan pancake it was quite good.

Anyway, I always wonder whether I know you in real life or not since most Indo in Sydney know each other...

cla said...

is it just me or sydney has the same thing going on every year with the same participants???

i ahd the spicy beef pancake thing too last year...

was going to try yai... then a thai girl i know apparently works there and said the food isnt any good... hahhahaa... but i tried this fried fishball thing drizzled with sweet chili that was pretty good...

Erique Fat Owl said...

Yes...LOL...although to be fair, it isn't 100% mother nature's creation, because as you know the Thai is obsessed about genetically-modifying their fruits to give them more marketable qualities (sweeter, thicker flesh, smaller seeds...)
How's Perth, BTW? Haven't read 'catatan nyempil' for quite awhile now!

I did want to try the japanese pancake thing (it's the 2nd busiest stall after that Singapore Guo Tiao King), but I figured, meh - it's just okonomiyaki anyway. If I knew it was quite good, I would've tried it. Do I know you in real life or not? Well, as far as I know, I can't recall knowing someone named Lucy in Sydney. Which uni did / do you go to? Most Indos in Sydney may know each other, but I'm afraid that rule somewhat doesn't apply to me since most of my friends in Sydney aren't Indonesian. Hahaha.

Your friend was right, Yai wasn't that good - but I'm kind of reluctant to judge before I actually go to their actual restaurant and find out myself.

Lucy said...

The Japanese pancake was not mind-blowingly good, it's just ok. So I don't think you miss anything. Anyway, I went back yesterday and tried the Queen of Rice Paper Rolls. I tried the satay chicken and I didn't really like it, too much coriander and not enough satay sauce =/.

I'm still in UTS. How about you? Well, I'm not really a well-known person in Indo community anyway since I rarely go to Indo party/festival...

Teresa said...

You take some really nice photos! What camera are you using here?

and great blog too!!!

Erique Fat Owl said...

I'm in UNSW. Same here - almost never socialize with Indonesians. Not because I have a problem with them, but it just so happens that most of my usual friends aren't Indonesian, LOL. Ah yes - queen of rice paper rolls. I think I would like it, since I'm crazy about coriander!

Thanks for visiting!
I'm not using anything fancy - just a pocket Sony DSC-T2. It's just that the lighting was great that day and I tweaked the contrasts a bit.