Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beautika - Jakarta, Indonesia

khas Manado
(translation: super spicy)

Bubur Manado
Manado porridge... main ingredients are kangkung, corn and yam... was there rice? cant remember... unlike normal porridge, this is a lot more flavorful and i could probably eat this on its own...

Grilled xx fish
cant remember what the fish called... but the focal point of this dish is not the fish anyway... its the chilies... it looks harmless enough but is probably the most potent of its kind... (comparable to nyoknyang's lombok even... remember the chili that made fat owl stand in front of the air con for hours with his mouth open?? hahahah)

Daun Pepaya
Paw paw's leaves?? i didnt touch this dish.. but from what i can remember the leaves are bitter and is pretty much an acquired taste.. loaded with medicinal purposes i believe??

Pepes Telor Ikan
Fish egg steamed then grilled while wrapped in banana leaves. extra spicy too...

Soursop Shaved Ice

Popeco? papeco?
anyway... its pretty much gula jawa + santan... straight to the point.. i like..

Coconut tart

glutinous rice with gula jawa

Rating: 8/10
anything loaded with chili and i'm sold... the huge selection of traditional sweets were a bonus...


Leony said...

This is the crazy place that makes everybody cries... (literally) haha....

Erique Fat Owl said...

Pepes telor ikan...jadi teringat famili Manado gw (yes,yes, I have a Manadonese 'sect' in my family as well. It's like a pasar in my family, very cosmopolitan). They used to make pepes telor ikan EN MASSE and telor ikannya tuh yang ASINNNNN bangettttt gatau kenapa!

Biasanya kalo mereka lagi bikin, pasti rumah gw kebagian se-tupperware gede (yang diterima secara menggerutu sama nyokap gw because she's sick of it...bosen, bukan ga suka)

Biasanya makanan yang asin2 itu kan intinya supaya ngirit, gitu ya - tapi kenapa ini kok asinnn banget, secara orang Manado kan hobby-nya foya2 makan2...hihihihih