Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Furama Restaurant - Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta

After-church Sunday yum-cha. My family always have yum-cha after mass. This restaurant is not the one that we usually visit every week, though. The food is okay, but what concerns me is their steamers (to serve the dim sums). Lately in Jakarta, more and more restaurants abandon those traditional, chic bamboo steamers and switch to those ubiquitous, cheap looking plastic ones. I wonder why! That is so like...not cool. (I'm at a loss of words).

Now, we had lots of different kinds of dim sums, however, I'll just post some of the interesting ones:

Char Siu Noodles in claypot
-> Never seen this dish before. This one is quite good. The sauce is thick and kind of like gravy.

Sweet and Sour Squid
-> Not your usual yum-cha entry. I believe that this is the first time I've ever tasted sweet and sour squid! (It's usually pork or fish...)

Hakka Niu Nyuk Mai
(Hakka-style meat balls)
-> This is my & my dad's favorite dim sum. Known as simply 'bakso sapi' (meatballs) by Indonesians, this dish is becoming more and more rare nowadays. It's seriously delicious. Tender, bouncy, and it has a very specific kaffir lime leaves aroma to it. I think Furama is one of the very few restaurants in Jakarta that still serve this dish.

Fung Jau
(Marinated chicken feet)
-> This dish is considered disgusting by Australians, but I personally like it. It's a common dim sum entry, but what's special about this one is that this one contains chinese herbs that adds a kick to it.

Pork & Century Egg Congee
-> The first time I had Chinese congee with ikan bilis kachang (Malay-style fried anchovies and peanuts)!!

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