Monday, September 29, 2008

Duomo - World Square, Sydney

This place blows. Well, 'blows' may be too strong of a word, but let's just say that it's not worth coming back to this place. Firstly, it's their misleading sign "No. 1 Sapporo Ramen in Japan". What the?? Is this true? I honestly have no idea. I have never heard of the name, and after vigorously researching for quite awhile, I simply can't find a restaurant or chain called doumo ramen in Japan.

Secondly, it's run by Koreans. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Koreans whatsoever, but based on my experiences, Japanese food handled by Korean chefs outside Korea is just...well, let's just say DIFFERENT. Not in a good way, I'm afraid. It doesn't taste like authentic Japanese food - not because these Korean chefs are not competent - nonono I don't meant that, but because Korean-run Japanese restaurants tend to modify the taste of their Japanese food to better suit Korean palate. That's why the misoshiru is rather different, the choice of ingredients, condiments, and sauces are rather atypical, and some menu items are either too sweet or too sour - it's quite messy, to be honest.

The problem is, since this is Australia, most Caucasians would be oblivious of these subtle differences only Asians can spot (discounting Caucasians who are experts in Japanese food or have broad knowledge in Japanese cuisine, of course).

I can't believe I was fooled with the "No. 1 Sapporo Ramen in Japan" sign!

Teriyaki chicken set

-> A little weird...and a little bit off...

Rating: 6/10

Tonkatsu set

-> This is exactly what I mean. You don't serve tonkatsu with sashimi! And I'm not just talking about Korean-run Japanese restaurants here - SOME Japanese-run Japanese restaurants does this as well, I think. It's just weird - and un-necessary. I mean, why would I want to have sashimi when I order a Tonkatsu? I believe that this sort of thing is very, very unlikely to happen in Japan.

I guess I can see WHY they put sashimi in a tonkatsu dinner box - it is mainly to allow Caucasian diners who are unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine to taste a broad range of Japanese food. However, I think these people should be educated - you DON'T HAVE SASHIMI WITH TONKATSU in the same box!! You can have teriyaki with sashimi, grilled sanma with sashimi, tempura with sashimi, whatever - but Tonkatsu is different. It's a different GENRE of Japanese food. Like oden and chazuke etc - tonkatsu belongs to a distinct cuisine group and the only accompaniment to a tonkatsu meal should be shaved cabbage or salad, tsukemono (pickles) and misoshiru. That's it! Nothing else!

I mean, unless it's a kaiseki (multi-course dinner), there is no reason why you want to serve tonkatsu with sashimi. If you're looking for something cool and fresh to complement the tonkatsu, a salad would suffice.

Maybe I complain too much, but I'd rather having $2 off and NOT have the 'bonus' sashimi.

Rating: 5.5/10
*grumbles and pouts*


Anonymous said...

Hahha yeah I would give this place a 4-5 rating. When I came here I expected something better cos of the location but mann like a slap in the face.

But yeah gotta try it to see whats its like...

cla said...

i think i was there once and had the ramen... (you kno... since its proudly declares the ramen as no.1.... hahahha) didnt think it was that bad... it was passable... but unnecessary since there's so much other option in the area...

Erique Fat Owl said...

What misleading statement. No. 1 Sapporo ramen. What the hell.

Actually, I wanted to taste their ramen but now I don't feel like giving them business.

Bean Sprout said...

Oh, new place in World square..I'll go and see..Anyway, May I ask you about the blog? On the side bar, the restaurant names, If there are the same one, how did you do it in the same level with number? like Zowa (1)(2)...Because in my blog, i also went some place twice and I have no idea how to make it like yours...