Sunday, July 12, 2009

Midtown Cafe - Sydney

A chic cafe located just next to the George St. cinemas. The main appeal of this place is its convenient location and they open till quite late, so if I'm feeling peckish after watching such blockbusters as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen or Eatlikeacow: the Movie (oh, ha ha very funny. I'm soo creative), you can bet that I'll drop by.

Oh, wow. What a cool effect, huh?

It's actually a photo of chandeliers in the cafe taken with a very, very shaky camera. How did I achieve this cool effect? I won't reveal how. Sorry. Amateur photographer's code. (note to self: it's not like I'm a magician with magician's code). Oh, okay - I'll speak, I'll speak.
Actually, my camera was broken and it vibrated a lot. So, when it vibrated like crazy, I used the opportunity to take this like, totally super awesome shot.

Okay - enough randomness and let's get to the food ASAP!

Okay. Maybe a couple more non-food photos and THEN I'll get to the food!!


-> This is simply the BEST bruschetta I've tasted in a long time (time to go to Italy, I guess?) LOL. Anyway, it has a kick-arse avocado salsa and very high butter content (which equals total yum-ness). It's such a satisfying treat

(BTW, "kick-arse"?? "yum-ness"?? what happened to my vocabulary? A few months of not writing a blog really takes a toll on my fantabulous vocabulary. Oh my. How utterly derisory and farcical. THERE! I can still remember a few big words!)

Rating: 7/10

The artworks and posters on this cafe is so delightful and amusing. It's really my kind of stuff. Just look at this poster by Mauzan. Impressive! Very 1920s. Very Art Deco.

-> My oh my. I don't even remember what this dish is called. Okay, let me explain it to you instead. It's basically a firm-fleshed fish (Barramundi or John Dory) baked inside layers of mashed potato, mozzarella, and what tastes like either Bearnaise sauce or slightly savory Bechamel. This is a VERY piping hot dish (because it's baked, duhh). The texture is a delight, but taste-wise it's a tad bland because as you can see there's no strongly-flavoured ingredient in this dish. After a few bites, this dish does get a little bit tedious on the stomach.

Rating: 6/10


Simon Food Favourites said...

i would have thought you'd give the BEST bruschetta more than 7/10?

Leony said...

Finally, someone updated this blog. I've been waiting for hmmm hmmm... the whole summer I guess (or the whole winter according to your side).The bruschetta looked very refreshing ! I just don't understand why people in Jakarta put lots of meat and cheese on the top of their bruschetta instead of putting lots of vegetables. Indonesians skewed so many good dishes into unhealthy version.

Erique Fat Owl said...


I know...I know!! LOL. Well, I did say "the best bruschetta I've had in a LONG TIME" -> meaning, not EVER.

I still remember the best bruschetta I've tasted - period - it was a few years ago in an Italian restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong! Now THAT would be 10/10!


I know what you mean, non. But to be fair, Bruschetta is traditionally prepared with lots of cured meat and the likes, so I wouldn't mind having a meaty bruschetta.

In Indonesia, people still have this "more meat = greater value" mentality, I guess. In fact, some of my Indonesian friends who never lived in the West are shocked to see that vegetarian food and / or vegetable-dominant dishes share the same price tag as meat-dominant dishes (or even pricier) over here. Their first reaction was always "why is the vegetable fried kway teow and the beef fried kway teow have the same price? The other one is mere vegetables!" Indonesia, vegetables are still considered "cheap food" and vegetable dishes tend to be a lot cheaper than meat dishes, as you know.

Therefore, I think when Indonesians dine out (especially the lower-middle class), they really want to eat a lot of meat for a change (especially when they are used to eat mainly vegetables and soy-derived products at home). That's just my theory, though!

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Betty said...

food here looks fantastic :O)

Stefano di Anzio said...

Abbiamo mangiato davvero molto bene e a poco prezzo, il caffe è stato sublime siamo rimasti contentissimi. Torneremo volentieri. Tanti saluti

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