Tuesday, July 22, 2008

San Churros - Glebe, NSW

White Choc Pot O' Choc
erm... so i had one sip and i got sick.... hauhahhaa.. its borderline disgusting...

rating: 2/10

English Breakfast Tea

Spanish Churros
choice of white, milk or dark chocolate

i dont hate it... but i dont think its necessary... i can barely finish half of it... oil + chocolate = ew....
to be fair though... everyone else loved it...

rating: 5/10

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Erique Fat Owl said...

Oil + chocolate = YUM.

Oil and chocolate is a natural combination.

Long time ago, there used to be Nutella with lots of oil deposit on the surface, and I always pick the ones with the most oil deposits. It's just so yummy!

...and I think the white choc pot is revolting.