Monday, June 9, 2008

Takeru - Sydney, NSW

regular and lychee
(apparenlty its called calpico in osme countries because the manufacturer's consultant thought calpis sounded like "cow piss")

Chicken Nanban

TeriMayo Hamburg
my low-reactive diet has been a blessing in disguise that i get to try something else on the menu other than my usual omusoba (which is really good btw) this actually has the same seasoning as my usual omusoba.... yum..


Lucy said...

I just ate here two days ago and yesterday(yes, 2 days in a row!)! I agree, the omu soba is yumm!! The mentaiko spaghetti was dissapointing though, I couldn't taste any mentaiko. I could only taste cream and oil =/.

Erique Fat Owl said...

I love the chicken nanban.
Tried to cook it myself with disastrous results. Actually, planned to post it on the blog if it was successful...but no. Disastrous.