Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bakmi GM - Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta

I've always wanted to do a post on Bakmi GM. I love this place. Why? It's delicious, fast, healthy (I guess), cheap, and available all over Jakarta. What I love about this place is how they manage to maintain good quality for years and years - it still tastes exactly the same as when I had my first Bakmi GM in Jakarta's Chinatown area 19 years ago. It's just nice to know that there's such a reliable restaurant chain in this topsy-turvy city. And oh, they do phone and internet deliveries, too. Yumm!!

My favorite - Bakmi Ayam Special GM
(GM's special chicken noodle)

Ayam Goreng GM
(GM's Fried Chicken - the dipping sauce is reminiscent of 'Rojak' sauce)

Nasi Cap Cay
(Vegetables & Chicken over rice. Tastes just as good as those nasi cap cay in Jakarta's Chinatown)

Pangsit Goreng
(The legendary GM's Fried Wontons with sweet & sour dipping sauce. There's nothing like it on the face of the earth. Even my mom, one of the harshest, cruellest food critic I know, labelled it "unrivalled").

Fruit Punch.
-> What's so special about this fruit punch's just one of those successful fusion between Western and Indonesian style drink. While Westerners might prefer some level of sourness on their fruit punch, this Indonesian-ized version is nothing but sweet with a strong pineapple undertone. I personally love it.


sarakus said...

Keren juga ya ada internet delivery... tp gak demen ah makan bakmie... gak demen makan pangsit... pernah makan... tapi gak abis...

Florennn said...

ih itu pangsitnya memang enak sekaliii... rasanya tepungnya beda dan sausnya jg spesiall... different dan ENAAAAAAAAAK !

Anonymous said...

haha iya, pangsit nya emang enak bgt! and apparetly, its a secret family sauce. banyak yang berusaha tiru (even ex workers) but they have never succeeded :O

Anonymous said...

Dear Bakmie GM Fans !!!

I have been a frequent eater at any of the Jakarta outlets of Bakmie GM during my 4,5 years in Indonesia.

For the wedding of a friend of mine we are preparing a cooking book with all our favorite recipies. Well, mine was, is and always will be:

Yi Fu Mie at Bakmie GM !!!

If anybody of you has a picture of this lovely dish, please post it to

Terimah kasih banyak
and best regards from Germany


Erique Fat Owl said...


Oh wow...a Bakmi GM fan from Germany! I'm not surprised you loved yi fu mie, it's fantastic!

Vielen dank für euren besuch auf meinem Blog!

Yudha said...

Wah bakmi kegemaran sejak kecil nih:)