Thursday, June 26, 2008

Singapore Airlines SQ220 & 868 Sydney -> Hong Kong

First of all, I'm baack.

A brief trip to Hong Kong...had to attend someone's funeral on behalf of my parents because they couldn't go. Normally, I wouldn't go, but what the hey, any reason to go to HK would be nice, heehee. Mom and dad couldn't come to the funeral because they're in Frankfurt for dad's heart check-up. And this guy who passed away is apparently so, so very very important that someone from my family had to attend his funeral. Actually, it's his son that's so, so very very important. His dad was old when he died (92 years old), so it wasn't really a sad occasion.

Sydney (Kingsford Smith Int'l) -> Singapore (Changi Int'l)
Flight duration: 7 hr 30 mins

Omelette with sausage and hash brown

Singapore (Changi Int'l) -> Hong Kong (Hong Kong Int'l)
Flight duration: 4 hr

Braised Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce, Grilled Vegetables, Roast Duck Salad

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