Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chinta Ria - Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

It's Eat Like a Cow's first birthday commemorative lunch par-tay!!!!
Actually, I think dinner is more suitable, but due to serious time constraints of our *very* busy blog writers, a lunch is all we could do. I suggested this place simply because I haven't been there for 3 years. This restaurant is one of the most crowded restaurant in Sydney, and reservations on weekend dinners are impossible. It's also arguably the most prominent Malaysian restaurant in town. Even during lunch, this place is jam-packed with hungry yuppies that we're limited to an hour of meal time! (after an hour, we're expected to shoo away to give our table to queuing customers)!

The place is dubbed, "Chinta Ria - Temple of Love" and they're not kidding about it. They actually put a giant-sized Laughing Lucky Buddha statue inside (I'm not a Buddhist, but I wonder if it's appropriate to put a Laughing Buddha statue inside a restaurant!)
All in all, it's a kitschy, gimmicky place, I suppose - but the food, although surprisingly expensive for its kind - is quite delectable.

Nasi Lemak
(Coconut Rice)

Roti Canai Ayam
(Mamak-style flatbread with chicken curry)

Sambal Prawn
(Prawns in chilli sauce)

Ayam Ria
(Literally means: "happy chicken")

Tofu Cinta
(Literally means: "Love Tofu". In actuality: Tofu with minced chicken and belacan prawn paste)

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