Thursday, September 6, 2007

Midnight snack by Erique Fat Owl

Dropped by Cyril's fine food in the City after uni and decided to re-stock my cabinet with some gourmet delish. Picked up some Fjord smoked trout (Zat's Norvegian, baby. You knov. from Norvay), balsamic vinaigrette, olives, cottage cheese, and my favorite Burns & Ricker New York Garlic Bagel. Toss it all togrther, e voila, yummy midnight snack that's oh-so-Brooklyn.

Garlic bagel with cottage cheese, tomatoes, smoked trout and parsley served with garden salad in Italian balsamic vinaigrette dressing

California Maki
-> I didn't make this myself, obviously. Bought it from Su-Shi World Broadway. I love how they fill the sushi roll with LOTS of kanikama!! mmm...artificial deliciousness. (LOL)

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