Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Isetan Casual Dining - Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo

A nice family restaurant in Isetan Shinjuku. This restaurant is hu-uge. It's almost as huge as a large food court in Singapore. Among the menu, the one that I wanted the most was the okosama ranchi (children's lunch) with the cute little Hamburg steak and the American flag stuck on the rice, but only children under 6 can order it!

Salad & Tomato Soup

Hamburg & Beef Stew Omurice

-> It's really, really good. What I love about dishes like this is that it's really un-pretentious. It's hearty, wholesome, robust, and satisfying. Much better than other omurice I had outside Japan. The omelet is thick and fluffy, and the rice inside is fried with tomato sauce (the original recipe and the best). I personally prefer traditional omurice with tomato rice instead of the avant-garde ones like curry rice, pineapple rice, etc. The beef stew is awesome, with just the right cut of meat. The sauce is semi-sweet, kind of demiglace mixed with hayashi (as expected).

Strawberry Yogurt

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