Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kimama Kitchen - Eating World Haymarket, Sydney

Chicken katsu curry

-> Just delightful. Generous portion, crispy katsu, sweet curry with a hint of apple and honey - just perfect! In addition to the katsu, they've also added tender beef cubes in the curry sauce, which is such a nice surprise! It's really similar to curry rices in Japan. In fact, this is how good curry rice should be made - no matter what the main meat is (katsu, karaage, hamburg), the gravy should always be cooked with beef - it does wonder to the aroma, plus, provides a good overall texture. And oh, the katsu is served with tonkatsu sauce, which makes this dish even better. In fact, I can't find much flaw in this dish, but just one disappointment - they don't serve fukujin-zuke on the side (which I think is inseparable with curry dishes)

Rating: 9/10

King Curry

-> For huuuge appetite. It's seriously big. I definitely can't finish this by myself. In fact, share this dish with someone else even if you're quite hungry. So, this dish is basically a glorified katsu curry, with curry fried rice (a.k.a. 'dry curry rice') covered with a thin omelet a la omurice, and finally topped with a huge chicken katsu and splashed with curry sauce on top. It's delicious, but the portion is just too much and it would be better if they put more curry sauce on top because after awhile, this dish can get pretty dry and tiresome.

Rating: 7/10

This place has just opened a few weeks ago, and it already becomes one of my favorite lunch spots in Chinatown. I just love this place (it's at Eating World in Sussex St.), the staff are very nice and sincere. Let me put it this way - it's good and 'homey' enough for me to say 'gochisousan' (thanks for the meal) to the staff & cooks before leaving the place after the meal. It was a nice, wholesome and uplifting dining experience. Recommended!


Anonymous said...

Oohh niicee another must try place thhxx ^^! I love curry and the bowl for the chicken katsu curry is gorgeous.

Bean Sprout said...

wow...last nite I felt like eating curry then I went to China town but I didn't know this place I ended up with eating a normal chinese dish cuz I coulndt find the place have nice I have to try this...but let me find the place first ^ ^

Erique Fat Owl said...

hi everyone,

This place is at Eating World on (I think) Dixon st. (I mentioned sussex st on my entry, but I think it's at dixon instead). It's that food court near the end of the Chinatown strip (between the Chinese gates).

Anonymous said...

eating world can be accessed either from dixon or goulburn st ...

jadi laper liat nya ...:)