Friday, May 11, 2007

Colosseum Pizza

Colosseum Pizza - Colossal-Size BBQ chicken, Seafood Maximus & Hawaiian Pizza

I don't know about you Americans (after all, you're the fattest country in the world) - but for our standard, these are big pizza pies. HUGE. gi-normous, in fact. You can't determine the size just by looking at the photo - you just have to be there to witness the sheer size of these fatty, yummy, junk-y pizzas!
These are simply the biggest pizza pies I've ever witnessed, and there's only one place you can get them in Australia - in Moss Vale's famed Colosseum Pizzeria.
According to the menu description, each one of these colossal-sized pies feeds 5 - 6 people. When we ordered these, there were only about 9 of us, but we're all pigs anyway, so we figured that we can finish all 3 pies. Turned out we were wrong...there's almost one whole pie leftover and we're gasping full.
The pizzeria actually offers 5 sizes of pies: Personal (4 slices), medium (6 slices), large (8 slices), family (12 slices) and finally, colossal (24 slices).
In addition to the gigantic size, these pizzas are actually the BEST pizza I've ever had PERIOD. Yep, I'm proud to say that I've had pizzas in Italy (during holy tour to Vatican city!!) with gourmet gorgonzola cheese and prosciutto di parma ham - costing a whopping 15 Euros for a small size - but it's nothing compared to Colosseum's! honestly!

Too bad that one has to drive 2 solid hours from Sydney to get to this pizzeria...*damn*

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Mestinya masukin blog pizza mundaring, dessert pizzanya... kan lbh indah gambarnya :P~