Friday, December 7, 2007

Y&Y - Pacific Place, Jakarta

(very quick) lunch today.
The place had just opened a few days ago, so everyone (I mean the staff) look a tad uptight, nervous, and inexperienced.

Fish flown twice a week from Tsukiji Market? How's that for fancy!

Cold latte (unsweetened, special order).
For some reasons I take my coffee bitter nowadays. Maybe I'm getting old or something.

Le cheapest item on the menu, Chicken avocado sandwich on Focaccia.

You know what they say, "judge a restaurant by the cheapest food on the menu"

Well, that...and I only have IDR 70,000 left on my wallet and I think I maxed out my credit card yesterday. LOL

After eating 3/4 of the sandwich...
Erique: (after asking for the bill) waiter, please tell the chef that the avocado is too raw. It's bitter. It does NOT taste good.
Waiter: Certainly, sir

and then...

Waiter: (upon handing me the bill) I've informed the chef, sir. We'll try to do better in the future.

What, NO DISCOUNTS?? *annoyed grunt*

Bloody inexperienced amateurs.


cla said...

did u scream "PELAYAAAANNNNNN" ala the cows at the pelayan?

Erique Fat Owl said...

No. I just click my fingers to call waiters.

LOL just kidding.

But hey, this was inspired by ACTUAL events! I have seen quite a number of Indonesian tai-tais who click their fingers at posh lounges to call waiters (or to call their personal attendants). Yesterday, spotted a tai-tai that kept on clicking her fingers to call her personal shopper at Alun-Alun (Grand Indonesia). Here's her quick stats:

Race: Chinese
Hair: brown, big, curly, crispy, HIGH, fresh-out-of-salon look
Bag: Gucci Indy (silver & black)
Shoes: Gucci
Clothes: Something like Sebastian Gunawan would design

cla said...

you've just describe 90% of the tai tai population...

Anonymous said...

Got to this blog from googling "pacific place restaurants jakarta", funny and entertaining :) Keep on writing!

Anonymous said...

lol. you should've brought more money with ya.
cos the pizza with different kinds of mushroom is incredibly, even though its bloody expensive
also the steaks ( wagyu beef) are awesome