Monday, October 1, 2007

Gino's - Fremantle, WA

nice spot to sit and people-watch (afterall WA do have the best looking aussies)

expect to wait an hour for your lunch though.. well, huge servings warm soft bread will be provided (which fills you up and wonders if you should still have your lunch).
claims best coffee and best sausages for brekkie.

affogatto domiccio (?)


apple strudle & chocolate fudge cupcake


Anonymous said...

ohno its freeeeeeeeeeeooooooo


Anonymous said...

Hi, Nice pictures! Just a couple of points: that's an affogatto dopiato - meaning a double shot affogatto. The one under it is a flat white, not a latte. and the final picture is a vanilla slice. Mouthwatering stuff.