Monday, April 30, 2007

Dae Jang Keum Restaurant, Sydney

Yes - I am NOT kidding. This is actually the name of the restaurant (check out the plates if you don't believe me - the logo says "dae jang keum" in hanja). At first, I thought that this place is just another gimmicky Korean restaurant, and I would never fall for the trap (just because it's named after a famous TV drama, doesn't mean I have to check it out). However...due to overwhelming demands from my friends, we decided to try it out. (damn gimmick!!)

It was T-A-S-T-Y. probably the second-best mid-class Korean restaurant in Sydney. And considering that the standard of Korean food in Sydney is rather excellent, this restaurant is probably reccommended by any standards.
Menu-wise, this place offers nothing out of the ordinary, but the portion was rather generous and the place looks nice. The thing I like about this place is, they serve authentic korean food (none of those nasty 'fusion' between korean and japanese / chinese food junks that are usually rampant on Sydney's Korean eateries).

There's this THING at this restaurant that I swear, during my 20-something years of gourmet experience, I have never ever encountered before. This thing is shaped like an oversized white pill (about 2.5 cm in diameter), and placed on a shallow bowl. At first, I thought it was an after-meal mint or something, but it's weird to serve mint before we even HAD the dinner, right? And it's not like this 'pill' has a packaging or anything. It's just placed there - bare. Also, there's this small jug of water placed just beside the bowl of 'pills'.
Turned out....if you pour the water ONTO the pills, the pills wil soak up the moisture, become swollen and grow in size...e voila! MOIST TOWELETTES! *I was so dumbstrucked*

Jap Chae
(Fried glass noodles with vegetables)

Kimchi Jigae
(Korean kimchi hotpot - with seafood, udon, tofu, and dumplings)

(Korean marinated beef)

(Korean-style seafood omelette served with iceberg lettuce salad)

Jeju Gal Bi
(Jeju-style Korean marinated BBQ ribs)

Dak Chochu Jang Boekum
(Barbecued chicken in chilli sauce)

(Korean style sweet and sour chicken)



Hrmmmmm korean they arent as pretty as the korean ppl! *drools* .......some of em looks nice but the brown things which look like runny poo is bleh lol! although the hot and spicy things mmm

AAAAAAAAAAdrian...woops said...

wooooops i meant sweet and sour. Although korean spicy chicken is bewtiful to

moo moo said...

Waahh.... budak, nyolong donk pills nyaaa!!! Mau di maininnn....

moo moo said...

That sweet and sour chicken looks tastyy!! Waaaaaa...... *ngiler*

moo moo said...

Btw, the name of the resto sounds familiar.... I think there's one in LA too... Or maybe just another resto with the same name... And they served a really good Korean food too!! Aaahh.... Let's go to LA!!

Fat Owl said...

inka, the name SHOULD sound familiar to anyone in ASIA. it's Dae Jang Keum for goodness sakes!!! Surely you've heard of the drama 'Dae Jang Keum'....

moo moo said...

No.... Is it a person? Hahahah! But seriously, I think there's one in LA too! Cuz I remembered asking my friend the name of the resto for several times... (due to its weirdness...) Hahahaha

Anonymous said...


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