Friday, July 25, 2008

Four Seasons Bar - The Rocks, NSW

zia pina was out of tiramisu by 10, but we're craving for dessert

cookie crumble
baileys and other similar liquor, topped with crumbled cookie

cosmopolitan with lots and lots of lime enough to induce wrinkles

creme brulee of the day
-was told it's blueberry creme brulee... when it came... we were weirded out... taste nothing like a fruit.. too savoury... after few mouthful (our tastebuds are that bad...) we found a banana... hauhaha.. so it hits us its a "choco banana creme brulee" which reminds me of "pisang molen"...
and then the manager came over and ask if everything was good... i stared at her for a minute before saying yes... i was clearly contemplating telling her that they got us the wrong creme brulee but i like the choco banana thing so much i couldnt be bothered...


Erique Fat Owl said...

Creme Brulee Pisang molen! Hihihihi

That crescent-shaped biscuit on the side is ADORABLEEEEEE!!!! *gasp!*

Must go and try.

cla said...

the biscuit is sugar coated too!

do go!~ they ask for id from time to time... which is both a bother and flattering at the same time.... buahhahhahahha

Erique Fat Owl said...

I find it flattering!

...and comforting as well! Especially after frequently hearing my mom quipping about my looks "Rik tampang kamu udah tuaaa deh..."


Gw tahun lalu pernah mau nonton film MA 15+ dimintain ID lhooo...

Staff: "Are you over 15??"
Me: "Oh, thank you!!!"