Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Patissier - Ann Siang Rd

Rectangle: Chai
Earl gray flavoured chocolate with almond sponge and butter cream

Triangle: Chocolate Fudge
A very dense and rich chocolate cake made from Valrohna chocolate

Round: Empress Dowager
Layers of vanilla sponge filled with strawberry mousse and fresh raspberries

Rating: 9/10
just order your next cake from here! beats any other cake shop on the island...



Erique Fat Owl said...

I haven't heard of this place!!! When you said it's good, I believe it - but their cake designs aren't that convincing, aren't they.

Nice batik BTW. Skirt? How socialite-ish of you.

Anonymous said...

its good!
it's now claimed to be the most high end cake shop in singapore.

yes..cake design is rather OTT most of the time

no.. its our mum's celana tidur batik! bwhahahaha

Leony said...

Hooorarahhh... New layout design :D

Kayaknya kuenya itu mungkin krn udah ditaroh di box, jadinya goyang-goyang, makanya bentuknya agak misshapped dikit.

And Erik always pays attention to detail, as usual... hehe... Eh btw, do you remember Cukin? (dunno how to spell it), tapi pokoknya itu kain yang dipake buat gendongan sama baby sitter/ mbak-mbak kita di jaman dulu. Sekarang jadi hot items in our fashion world hehehe... Indo is weird...

Anonymous said...

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