Saturday, May 19, 2007

Zowa Omurice Cafe, Sydney

There's this new cafe / restaurant in World Square that claims to be the 'first omurice cafe in Australia'. I thought I might check it out with my friends. Actually, the main attractive point of this cafe is the fact that they serve so many different types of omurice and like most Japanese restaurants out there, they make plastic models of the types of omurice and display it on the window. I swear, there must be like, 30 different types of omurice in there! Now who can resist the allure of Japanese-made photorealistic plastic food models on display??? I sure can't.

Tex-mex Potato Wedges
The topping is mozarella, bacon&chee, and parsley. Served with crème fraîche and sweet chilli dipping sauces.

Omurice with rolled chicken cordon bleu in cream sauce
Instead of the usual tomato gohan (rice), the inside of the omurice is plain fried rice. However, the sauce is very nice (Creamy, red wine-y sauce that somewhat tastes like bourguignonne)
Also, there's asparagus spears inside the rolled chicken.

Seafood cheese gratin
Very Japanese-y, because there's rice inside. Ahh, this dish reminds me of my times in Singapore, where my two blog co-writers and I would often buy those Japanese (and therefore expensive ^_^) microwavable frozen rice gratin from Isetan Supermarket because we can't cook in our boarding house.
By the way, there are various seafood in this gratin, such as green mussels, prawns, and squids.

Omurice with grilled chicken in hot sauce
The grilled chicken is tender and nice, with a light oregano crust. The mayonnaise also added a unique touch. However, the surprising thing about this dish is that the hot sauce tasted very similar to the dipping sauce for Bakmi GM's very famous 'pangsit goreng' (fried wontons) in Indonesia.

Overall, I think this is a good concept cafe. I've never seen so many types of omurice in my whole life! I wonder if they have this type of cafe in Singapore or something...
I'm going to try the 'Omurice with enoki cream sauce' and 'Omurice with oroshi grilled sirloin' next time!


cla said...

erm... ini yg d basement nya world tower bukan?? yg d pojokan gitu.. kalo ga sala warnanya kuning... terakhir gua d sana uda ngeliat koq.. tapi gak tertarik.. hahaha

singapore ada buka "omu rice by ajisen"... di basement nya ngee ann... food court sono... so not exactly a cafe.. more like a "stall"???

tried it once... even took picture... but decided it didnt deserve a place here... hahahhaa... it tasted alright... just nothing to rave about...

btw, there's this place in sydney... japanese... pretty small... a little off martin place i think... that serves HUGEEEEEE omu rice... huahahhaha really nice... but with lots and lotssss of mayonaise... you probably get sick of it before you even hits halfway...

Fat Owl said...

Yup...yg warnanya kuning...bole juga sih, tapi (honestly) omurice-nya enakan gw yang bikin! Tapi kalo sauce and side dishes-nya sih lumayan...

Ajisen omurice sucks...enakan yg ini...masalahnya gw tertarik sama display-nya...seru2 gitu, ada omurice pake enoki, omurice pake ebi fry...

Eh btw yah...masa ada temen gw orang SG yang bilang kalo tonkichi tuh biasa banget...ini dia-nya yang dodol apa taste kita yang ada masalah sih??????

moo moo said...

Tentu saja taste dia yg dodol!! Saya promosikan Tonkichi ke Liza dan si Jasmine dan mereka blg enakkk!!!