Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sofitel Lounge - Sofitel Wentworth Hotel, Sydney

It's Cla's birthday high tea!
The Sofitel Lounge serves daily high tea, with cakes, pastries, and desserts from France's renowned Lenôtre Patisserie.

Time : 2pm
No. of victims (whoops, I mean guests): 6
Teas ordered: Darjeeling Springtime, Classic English Tea, Green Yin Long, Pai Mu Tan. All from Ronnefeldt (Apparently, they used to serve teas from Mariage Freres. Wonder why they switched to Ronnefeldt).

Plus a skim latte for a jolly fellow (not pictured).

The Lounge

The Tea Menu

The Tea Service

The Lenôtre signature tiered display tree

Cone au Chocolat

-> Chocolate cone filled with chunky strawberry coulis, topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. A favorite of Ms. Chng's.

Tarte au Citron

-> Buttery-crumbed tart filled with lemon and almond cream and topped with lemon meringue.

Scones with creme fraiche and strawberry jam

-> Very nice, moist yet fluffy scones. The jam is delightful.


-> Classic chocolate ganache and almond biscuit layered cake.

Finger Sandwiches

-> An English touch in a French high tea, I see. (L-R): Cucumber and Dill Sandwich, Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Egg Salad Sandwich. The Cucumber Dill is my favorite. All the sandwiches are really nice, and they very, very lightly toasted the bread just so it's a tad dry and rough on the outside, which made these sandwiches doubly delicious.


-> Macarons with raspberry and lemon curd.


-> My absolute favorite. Very delightful layers of chocolate sponge marzipan, dark & milk chocolate mousse, and topped with chantily cream (which is basically just a fancy French vanilla whipped cream). I also found a delightful surprise on the top of the cake: a shaving of hazelnut praline! My favorite kind of chocolate in the whole world!


-> Layers of Bavarois (which is basically just a jellified custard), hazelnut cream, and raspberry jelly. A little bit on the sour side (which is not what I usually prefer), but delicious nonetheless.

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