Thursday, October 23, 2008

Emperor's Garden Bakery - Haymarket, Sydney

Emperor's Puff

-> Yeah, like these stuff actually need an introduction. Soft, fluffy custard-y goodness that's dangerous to boot. Why? Well, it may be just warm on the outside, and any unheeding mortals would just pop one whole custard puff into their mouth, and before they knew it, their tongue would be brutally scalded by the molten lava-like hot custard interior. The bakery had to put up a sign, "be careful, inside is very hot" as many have fallen victims to this heavenly yet ruthless, blistering treat.

There's something industrial-ish and mass-producey about these puffs - they're made using a big, scary iron puff machine. Quite a common sight in East Asia, but one-of-its-kind in Sydney. This machine emits a ginormous amount of heat and despite its automated nature, needs constant manual attention. That's precisely why the mortal unlucky enough to man this thingamajig (and also serve the customers) is always in a foul mood - uncommunicative, barely a sliver of smile or a word of thanks to the customers.

Anyway, Emperor's puff is still a gem of Sydney's Chinatown - attracting a bee-line especially on a cold night.

Rating: 8.5/10


Anonymous said...

Hahha I like to watch the machine pumping out these puffs and yeah the person tending to the machine is always in a meh mood :S I wouldn't be if I did it though cos it means free puffs? :D *one for me and one for the customer...*

D said...

the person that handles the machine has that look on their face that lets you know they are: 1) underpaid; 2) rather be somewhere else; 3) see 1 and 2

Erique Fat Owl said...


Honestly, coming from Indonesia (where I'd say that most sales assistants, waitresses etc are genuinely nice), it IS kind of shocking how unfriendly and cold waitresses in Sydney's Chinatown are. But at least, most of them are better than some of the waitresses and sales assistants I encountered in Beijing, China. *seriously shocking*.

But in all seriousness, I'm kind of used to them anyway. I used to be frickin annoyed with unfriendly waitresses, but I still can accept it as long as they're not rude to me or something.

I believe that in the hospitality business, every single person no matter how low their position is should be properly trained - rude waitresses are not properly trained, that's all. Professional waitresses should not let their wages or personal moods interfere with their jobs.